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Photovoltaic Technician Program

Seneca College in partnership with the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) provides a comprehensive understanding of related electric theory and the fundamentals of Photovoltaic Systems.

CanSIA is a national organization supported by the Government of Canada, industry member and the public.

Seneca is the largest community college in Canada. Established in 1967, and trains students by means of classroom, web-based and distance learning.

PV Training is offered in a combination of distance learning and classroom study.

Distance Learning
  • Is a self-paced method of learning, supported with telephone access to an instructor. As a student, you have up to 4 months to complete each subject.
  • Program offered three times a year - Fall/Winter/Summer.
  • Faculty are available to assist.
  • Due dates for assignment and test are included in the student package.
  • Final exam is written at our Test Centre or by proctor in your community.
  • Offered in the Fall only.
  • Hands on training offered in partnership with the Kortright Centre.
Program Subjects

Level I - Distance learning only
PVT100     Intro to Electricity
PVT110     DC & AC circuit Analysis
PVT120     Meter Principles & Operation
PVT130     Principles of Electrical Devices
Level II - Distance learning only
PVT200     Solar Theory
PVT210     Batteries & Charge Controllers
PVT220     Balance of System Components
PVT230     Canadian Electrical Code for PV systems
Level III - Class room
PVT300     A Practical Review of PV Equipment
PVT310     PV Stand Alone Systems
PVT320     Introduction to PV Grid Connected System


$397.00 per subject (includes textbook).
Some subjects will have additional cost for workshop material.

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